Towage - 24h Harbour Towage Service in Finland and in Estonia

The red-and-blue funnel of Alfons Håkans is a familiar sight to vessels visiting Finnish and Estonian ports from all over the world. Our operations are especially concerned with assisting vessels both within harbour areas and on the high seas. We serve the shipbuilding industry in towage of newbuildings and docking of vessels for repairs. We provide full turn-key solutions with tugs, towmasters and mooring teams. 

Additionally, during the winter months our tugs are actively involved in the important task of icebreaking.

Alfons Håkans harbour tugs are based in all major Finnish ports from Pori to the port of Hamina in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland.

In Estonia our harbor towage services cover all the major ports from Paldiski to Sillamäe. PKL Flote, part of Alfons Håkans Group, operates in Latvia.

We also have sea-going tugs for immediate dispatch in strategic ports around the coasts of Finland and Estonia. Alfons Håkans also provides offshore tug services for the oil and gas industry in the North Sea.

Alfons Håkans Group

Finntugs Ltd, founded in 1988, operates our tugs in the harbours of Kotka and Hamina.
PKL Flote, a Latvian tugboat company, is specialised in harbour and sea towage and operates in the Latvian ports of Riga and Ventspils. 

Our tugs are available at a moment’s notice, regardless of the time of day or night or service required.