Shipwreck Pollution Recovery Introduction

Wreck Environment Risk Analysis


Wreck environmental risk analysis must be conducted prior to making a decision to carry out the oil removal operation. The following factors of the wreck have to be evaluated:

The decision to conduct oil removal is based on the seriousness of the potential oil spill and wreck environmental risk analysis.

Wreck Environment Risk Monitoring


Once the wreck environment risk analysis is completed and the decision has been made not to do an immediate oil removal operation, the next step is to constantly monitor the wreck condition and its surroundings.

Monitoring ensures that the key decision makers are kept updated with the latest information on the condition of the wreck and, as a result, may prevent possible environmental damage.

Wreck Oil Removal Operation


After wreck environment risk analysis the actual oil removal operation can be carried out.

The wreck oil removal operation consists of a detailed plan of the mobilization, oil removal operation and demobilization. These plans identify resources, the operating organizations and persons responsible, the oil removal plan, risk assessments, contingency plans, technology, schedules, working methods etc.

The company’s ongoing preparedness for oil removal operations is essential. Experienced, professional personnel and Best Available Technology are available whenever a possible leak or a spill occurs.



We have developed a unique solution which contains Best Available Technology toolbox, and this allows us to implement the oil removal operation safely and quickly. Development of the technology began in 1984 when M/S Eira grounded off the coast of Vaasa, Finland.

Our toolbox is a combination of several different technologies:

The use of the chosen technology depends on the structure of the wreck and its tanks, environmental conditions, temperature, depth, currents, oil quality and quantity etc. Every wreck is individual and as a result the course of actions for oil removal are thoroughly evaluated before the commencement of the project.

Technology is a tool but our expertise, experience, professionalism and understanding ensures the desired result.


Alfons Håkans salvage capabilites are familiar to many of the leading insurance brokers and hull underwriters throughout the world, particularly due to the high-profile salvage of the grounded passenger vessel M/S Sally Albatross.

Alfons Håkans Ltd is a member of the International Salvage Union and has performed over 50 salvage cases in the last 20 years.

M/S Estonia


SS Park Victory


M/S Sally Albatross


M/S Pamisos



Our experienced team comprises of highly trained professionals:

Our pollution recovery team is part of a major towage and salvage company in Northern Europe and has a fleet of vessels available for oil pollution recovery operations.