Sometimes the tug is older than the tall sailing ship

News – Jul 19 2017


The Tall Ships are mooring in Turku. Shabab Oman II has arrived from Tallinn, and is here towed in to the Aura river by our tug Fart.

Shabab Oman II is a rather new sailing ship built in 2013. She is an 87 meters long ship with a beam of 11 meters. She is rigged as a full-rigged ship with a total of 2700 square meters of sails.

Our tug Fart is one of our dearest tugs, since she was built in 1907. But she is still going strong.

The Brasilian Cisne Branco had to return to the port of Tallinn yesterday evening due to machine problems.

Sedov will probably arrive in Turku tomorrow Thursday, since she comes from St Petersburg, and seems to have some problem with the rather stiff western wind.