PKL Flote is strengthening its fleet with a new ASD tug

News – May 07 2019


PKL Flote, a member of the Alfons Håkans group, is strengthening its fleet with a new ASD tug. The tug, like Alfons Håkans’ two other new-buildings as well, is designed by Robert Allan Ltd. and build at Sanmar shipyard in Turkey. The tug is now launched for final installations and sea trials after which it will be finished at Sanmar and sailed to Latvia.

PKL Flote is specialized in harbor and sea towage in the Latvian ports of Riga and Ventspils. At the moment PKL Flote operates with six ASD tugs. The seventh tug will strengthen company’s fleet firstly in Ventspils ports.

RAmparts 2200 Class ASD Tugboat (Robert Allan Ltd. design)

Length, overall: 22.40 metres
Breadth, moulded: 10.84 metres
Depth least moulded: 4.40 metres
Main Propulsion: 3000 kW
Guaranteed Speed Ahead: 11 knots
Guaranteed Bollard Pull Ahead: 50 tons