Our tugs Atlas and Kanter towed Glory Hongkong to safety

News – Mar 10 2018

Atlas and Kanter brought the disabled vessel to Tallinn.

Alfons Håkans’ tugs Atlas and Kanter has towed the The Panama-flagged bulk carrier MV Glory Hongkong safely to Tallinn, Estonia.

The Glory Hongkong reported a leak at 12.41 local time on Thursday, March 8, as the ship was sailing in international waters from St Petersburg, according to the Finnish Border Guard, which was coordinating the response.

The water ingress was reportedly coming from the bilge well.

The disabled vessel was towed from her position west of Suursaari island in the western Gulf of Finland, after the water ingress had been brought under control using continious pumping. At one point the water in the engine room reached a depth of five meters. Water had also spread to other compartments.

The vessel has 22 crew members. 

The Director of Alfons Håkans, captain Jarkko Toivola, was in charge of the towage operation. He says the towage operation went well in rather dark and icy conditions.

- The winter and the darkness are normal working conditions for us. The cooperation with the Finnish and the Estonian authorities worked very well during the operation. Towing is never free of risks, but towing a disable vessel in ice is even more risky. Due to good cooperation, and good team work throughout this operation, we never had any problems, Toivola says.