Jussi Keveri appointed as deputy managing director of Alfons Håkans, Jarkko Toivola heads for new challenges.

News – Oct 27 2020

Alfons Håkans are pleased to announce the appointment of Jussi Keveri as deputy managing director. Keveri will start in his new role at Alfons Håkans in December. Before joining Alfons Håkans, Keveri has been working as a pilot in the Hamina - Kotka pilotage area since 2007.

Jussi Keveri is a 49-year old mariner and an entrepreneur in the harbour and marine construction. He was born and raised in a fisherman’s family and he started his sea-going career in different areas of the fishing industry. Keveri holds a master mariner´s and engineer’s licence.


Keveri has worked his whole career in the maritime field including towage in ports and offshore, special projects and harbour constructions and fairway maintenance. His family has owned a harbour construction company that provides services in various fairway maintenance operations since 1997.


Keveri has played an important role in the Alfons Håkans organisation in Finland for several years already. He has earlier operated as master on several Alfons Håkans tugs: Hurtig, Fram, Baus, Kraft and Zeus. Many of his former colleagues at sea and in the office are still working for the company.


Jussi Keveri will begin in his new role in December and by the end of the year he will take over the tasks of Jarkko Toivola as deputy managing director. Toivola will continue with his tasks with the new-buildings and related training, until the delivery of the tugs.



Joakim Håkans

Managing Director