Alfons Håkans in top five caring about wellbeing at work

News – Jun 02 2017

The Finnish mutual employment pension insurance company Etera recognizes every year the company that has been the best at taking care of employee working capacity and wellbeing at work methodically and successfully. Alfons Håkans is among top five this year.

The winner will be chosen among the top five companies in September.

- It is truly an honor to be recognized like this in such an important matter. Every aspect of wellbeing at work has been very important for us for a very long time. It would of course be nice to be the best of the best, but being in the top five is already a very good certificate, Alfons Håkans Senior Advisor Pär Landor says.

Eteras CEO Stefan Björkman underlines that this year’s runners up are all different companies.

- These companies stress different aspects when it comes to wellbeing at work and working capacity. It will be very interesting to see which aspects are going to be the decisive ones when the winner is picked out in September.

The editor-in-chief of the MTV News Merja Ylä-Anttila is the judge.

- The best result, in any working community, is achieved when the employee is truly regarded as an asset. The turbulence in the media industry is a good example of this, Ylä-Anttila says.