We invested in a new boat harbor on historical premises

News – Jul 07 2017


Alfons Håkans has opened a day harbor at the company’s ship and boat yard in Ruissalo, Turku.

The day harbor is part of the property where the famous boat and shipyard Åbo Bårvarf – Turun Veneveistämö in Finnish - operated in 1889-1954.

- This harbor brings something entirely new to the delicate environment on the Ruissalo island. I think this historical ground is so beautiful and special, that everybody should be able to enjoy it, Alfons Håkans Managing Director Joakim Håkans says.

Alfons Håkans has its Finnish headquarter on the premises, and shipyard activities are carried out every day.

- This is a historical place, which has had a tremendous impact on the Turku society and its business life since 1889. We have one of our two shipyards here, so you can say that we have given the great history a new continuity, Håkans says.

The harbor offers mooring space for up to 40 boats. One section of the harbor is reserved for classic boats, just to honor the predecessor Åbo Båtvarf.

The harbor does not provide all forms of service yet. Toilets, garbage and water stations are available.

Sergio’s al Mare pizzeria serves gourmet pizza on the quay. The Café and interior decoration shop Avelia is also open. You can take the bus or the waterbus if you want to go to the city center.

- This summer this is not yet a guest harbor. But I think we will have everything a guest harbor needs next year, Håkans plans.