Alfons Håkans' Captain Kimmo Lehto Deputy Chairman of ETA

News – Jun 08 2017

Alfons Håkans is proud to announce the appointment of Captain Kimmo Lehto as Deputy Chairman of European Tugowners Association.

The ETA represents over 80 tug owners and more than 800 tugs in 24 countries.

ETA has appointed Mr Leendert Muller as Chairman for a period of two years. Mr Muller, Managing Director of leading towage and salvage specialist Multraship, was confirmed as chairman at ETA’s Annual General Meeting in Trieste, Italy, on 8 June. He succeeds Tug Malta’s Chief Executive Mr Mario Mizzi. Prior to taking up this appointment Mr Muller was the Deputy Chairman of ETA since 2015.

- The fleets of ETA members provide a vital service, the importance of which can sometimes be underestimated. These vessels help keep world trade and the world fleet moving, says Mr. Muller.

- The following two years are going to be very testing for ETA members. In Europe and elsewhere, tug owners and operators will face a variety of challenges, including political, economic and environmental issues. The challenge for ETA members is to continue to invest in technology and manpower so that their vessels can operate safely and efficiently in the best interests of their customers. I am confident that, together, we will achieve that aim, concluded Mr. Muller.