Airawata Is Waiting For The Season Together With Another Legend

News – Mar 02 2018

Merenneito II and Airawata are waiting for the coming season in the old construction hall where Åbo Båtvarf once built these beautiful classics.

Airawata arrived safe and sound home to Alfons Håkans Ruissalon Telakka in Turku, Finland. Read previous article here.

Now she waits for the summer inte the hall where she was built 95 years ago. This hall is the big construction hall in which the legendary Åbo Båtvarf built over 5000 high-quality boats and vessels 1889-1954.

Airawata was one of the boats. Her way went immediately to Sweden, and from there to Germany. Now she is back home again and waiting for the coming charter season to begin. Alfons Håkans' Managing Director Jokaim Håkans says that he wants the classic boats at Ruissalon Telakka to be in use - not to be put in showstands in museums.

Airawata has good company while waiting for the season. Alongside her in the construction hall is another classic legend built at Åbo Båtvarf in 1928, the famous 6mR racing yacht Merenneito II.